We are a Bilingual Preschool Educational Institution specialized in boys and girls from 1 to 5 years old, with total immersion in English language, we have innovative methodologies to develop in our students artistic, logical, mathematical and language skills; generating an integral education, with specialized classrooms and facilities with more than 1,200 square meters for learning and fun, where boys and girls can explore their physical and intellectual abilities and find a second home full of pedagogy, tenderness and happiness.


In 2025, we will maintain our distinction as one of the most innovative educational schools, with an excellent integral bilingual education, ensuring an educational service with high quality standards, promoting continuous improvement, which allows us to exceed the expectations of our community, providing society with boys and girls educated with values, high academic levels and leadership personality.


KIDS COUNTRY HOUSE S.A.S., through its Educational school, Gimnasio Bilingüe Casa Campestre de los Niños, provides preschool education services in the courses of Toddlers, Nursery, Pre-kinder, Kinder and preparatory, committed to a bilingual education, based on an innovative educational proposal with values that strengthen pedagogy through affection, educating creative and independent children who develop their intellectual abilities and emotional skills, which will benefit their social environment in the future.

The High Direction of KIDS COUNTRY HOUSE S.A.S. guarantees the economic, technical, technological, and human resources for the support of our Management System and the development of actions that are required to fulfill this objective.

KIDS COUNTRY HOUSE S.A.S. promotes a culture of control and integrated process approach, through the provision of an efficient preschool educational service, aimed at the satisfaction of our customers and other stakeholders. We are an institution committed to the health and safety of our employees, promoting awareness in the prevention of incidents and occupational diseases, respect for the environment and compliance with applicable legal requirements.

KIDS COUNTRY HOUSE S.A.S., works with qualified personnel, in constant training, characterized by their excellent levels of communication, teamwork and social basis, as well as strengthens the continuous improvement from each of the processes with the fulfillment of its objectives, in order to exceed the expectations of the entire educational community.

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