Cultural Week

Cultural Week

During the 25th -30th we work on our cultural week. Five days full of magic and fun where children perform and participate of multiple activities.

  • Agenda:
  • October 25: Gallery of Art. Kids Country House became in a great art gallery over 1.000 artistic works by our children, it is an event enjoyed by the families, where they can appreciate and value the expression of children through the art.


  • October 27: The kids attended with their favorite pajamas, we played with bubbles, we did puppets show. Draw murals, participate in a fun pillows party and we children’s tales.


  • October 28: A day dedicated to the sport in which children were characterized of their favorite sportsmen.  We Play volleyball, soccer, bowling and golf. Also we did gymnastics and participated in an obstacle race.




  • October 29: Day with fun science experiments knew the result of effects obtained with mirrors, magic balloon, volcano, colorful flowers and the snow room.



  • October 30: Day of entertainment, we did crafts, paint the faces play a concentration game and we had fun in the inflatable.



  • Octubre 31: Our Fantasy Day were full of happiness, we did a great fashion show, role-play and photography studio.