About Us



Willing to provide a service to the community and with the intention of creating a bilingual institution: KIDS COUNTRY HOUSE, started to work on February 6 of 2006, with levels of Toddlers, Nursery, Prekínder, Kinder and Transition.


KIDS COUNTRY HOUSE is the only bilingual institution in Fontibon locality, it also has large green areas and innovative thematic laboratories, providing a second home where the children could potentialize the intellectual and physical skills through tenderness, academic modules, and the ludic teaching of English as a second language, motivating them to investigate, explore, show, build with sense and meaning, training them to interact, communicate and take part actively in the society acquiring a leadership personality.


We visualize being as one of the most innovative educational Institution, with an excellent Bilingual education, where our graduates are characterized for living childhood with tenderness and happiness.
In addition to our green areas, we have innovative thematic laboratories for each one of our subjects in order to capture children’s attention, so we discover and promote their skills making them to learn in a playful and funny way the concepts seen in class.